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Next Walkie-Talkie: 16 September, 2-5pm: 'Home Sweet Home' 

This walk is part of Bathscape Walking Festival

The walk will leave from in front of St Andrews Church & be led into the open countryside. It will end back at the Church. 

This is a stunning walk that takes in village pubs, ancient castles, new builds & 1950s social housing. We set off along the ancient Wansdyke, through woods & fields to Southstoke, then a secret valley to Midford & the lost railway line before a final climb to the brand new Mulberry Park.


Based on last year’s successful format, walk leaders will gently facilitate conversation as we ramble.. With our blood pumping & our minds stimulated we’ll find time to consider the housing crisis, the migrant crisis, the homelessness crisis & the crisis of needing to repaint the guest bedroom!

About Kilter

Caroline & Olly have been running walkie-talkies with Kilter for over 10 years - using them as a way to devise new plays. In this Walkie-Talkie (the first in a series at Foxhill) the topic will take us out across all terrains (fields, lanes, stiles) & then - tired & weary - 'home' again. Please wear sensible footwear.

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